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Guys. Oh my goodness. This school year has me all types of worked up, and it’s only week 2! I haven’t made it past nine o’clock once. Last Friday, after we ate dinner David went to play a video game, and I was just going to watch some Netflix. Two hours later David woke me up. I didn’t even make it to Netflix. I didn’t even make it past the Playstation home screen.


All that to say, I am pretty amazed with myself that I pulled off making this tutorial. Especially since the SD card reader on my Macbook decided to die two days ago! I panicked for about two hours until my future brother-in-law and some sweet ladies from this blog hop reminded me I can buy an external one pretty cheap.


Let’s get onto this tutorial.


I call it Girls Best Friend.

The Skinny:

  • It’s paper pieced.
  • It was made with four fat eighths
  • It’s super easy to make.
  • It’s also just adorable.
  • The pattern is found here.
  • If you are going to print off the pattern, you will need two copies to make this block. If you want to only print one copy see my freezer paper option below.

*Disclaimer: I recommend that you wash any FabriQuilt Fabric before use. The colors do tend to run. Also, careful using steam and starch. The fabric may shrink a bit. Mine did.*



Dark Blue:

2- 7in x 4 in rectangles, cut diagonally to make 4 right triangles (E1 and F1 pieces)

4- 4in x 3 in rectangles (A3 and A4 pieces)

Light Blue:

4- 2in x 2.5 in rectangles(E2 and F2 pieces)

2- 5in x 3in rectangle (A2 piece)


2- 6.5in x 6.5in squares, cut diagonally to make 4 right triangles (A1 Piece)


2- 6.5in x 6.5in squares

2- 8in x 4in rectangles (A5 piece)

How to make it:

If you follow me on Instagram, I teased about how I use freezer paper when I foundation paper piece. I know there is a deep love of freezer paper in the quilting community, so prepare yourselves to be even more amazed.

Here is how I do it:


  1. I start by printing off one copy of my pattern.


2. I then use a ballpoint pen and trace the pattern onto the non-coated side of the freezer paper as many times as I need to (in this case twice) onto my freezer paper. I trace it exactly as it printed. Numbers, letters and all.Then I take that printed pattern and store it away for next time. I know what you are thinking, “Won’t that take forever?!?!?!?!” No it won’t. You will get fast at it, and, besides, ballpoint pens are a lot cheaper than printer ink or making a bazillion copies at Staples.


3. Then I rough cut around the edges. Don’t cut straight up to the line. You will need that line later to cut your quarter inch seams.


4. Next I take the fabric for all of the 1 pieces (A1,E1 and F1) and I use my iron to iron them on. See that! No glue here. No balancing two wiggly pieces of fabric. Just iron it on and it sticks. I do that for all the 1 pieces at one time It makes it so easy to chain piece.


I do that for all the 1 pieces at one time It makes it so easy to chain piece.


5. Next I go to my cutting mat and line up a piece of cardstock (any thick paper will do. Hello charm square backing!) and I line it up with the line between the current piece of fabric and the new piece of fabric.


6. Then I fold the new piece.


7. I line up the quarter inch line with the edge of the paper.


8. and 9.Then I cut a quarter inch seam. Then I line up the next piece of fabric and prepare to sew. Like I said before, this is so wonderful because that first piece is already “glued” down, so I only have one wiggly piece of fabric to worry about.


10. Then I chain piece those suckers.


11. Once they are cut apart I iron down the piece I just sewed on, and now it too is glued down.

Repeat steps 5-11 until you run out of new pieces to add.


Once all of your pieces are attached, line the quarter inch line up on the perimeter line of the pattern and trim it down. By this point we are just foundation paper piecing, and I am sure you have figured this out and are ignoring me now :).


Next sew E to A and EA to F.

These can be a b**** to line up, but it is so worth it in the end. I have no easy solution for you here.


Next line up those white squares and sew your block together.


The finished size will be 12.5 in x 12.5 in.

Oh I hope you love this block as much as I do! If you do make it, I want to see it! Tag me on Instagram @hashtagquilt.

Here is the link one more time to the pattern.

Also go check out the other talented blog hop ladies. There has been some pretty spectacular blocks made so far this week!

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If you would like to enter a contest for a 1/2 yard bundle of fabric be sure to check out www.inspiredbyfabric.blogspot.com

Thanks for stopping by!


26 thoughts on “FabriQuilt New Block Blog Hop!

  1. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Such a great block and like everyone else it would be great to see what the whole quilt would look like. Sometimes that is the best reason for making blocks and then laying them out to discover their secret! Thank you for designing such a unique block and sharing your tutorial. Have a wonderful creative day!


  2. helenjean says:

    Hi Abby I brought two rolls of freezer paper home from the States (to N Ireland) and forgot I could iron them on the fabric! I have been stitching my hexies on! Thanks for reminding me!


  3. Cassandra says:

    You have a great block design, and your freezer paper method of piecing is fascinating! I would love to see this as a full quilt- I’m sure the secondary pattern would be great, and you would have lots of fun negative space to quilt in!


  4. Julie Stocker says:

    Neat method. I’ve never seen it done this way, but makes perfect sense really. Your pattern reminds me of an old pattern on an antique quilt I have with flower cones. Similar to yours, but they then appliqued on the open spaces. Lots of possibilities with your block!


  5. Liz says:

    Great block! I love how versatile this is – it would be amazing in a full sizequilt, but equally as good isolating the gems and creating a fun toss cusion or a mini. I love it! Thanks for the awesome tutorial and pattern!


  6. Lisa says:

    Hi Abby: I love your block and it’s perfect name! I paper piece the same way…but I’ve never designed my own pattern. What program do you use to design the patters? And how do you share the pattern? Can you tell computers are a bit of a mystery, for me.


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