That’s My Jam!

Does everyone want to hear the story of how David and I met? It starts with our parents letting us roam around the Stockyards late at night and ends with us getting married. It’s great. I promise.

Let me set the mood:

It’s April 2006. I am 15. I grew up pretty lucky. The main street of my hometown was the same main street as Downtown Fort Worth and the Stockyards. I got to do some pretty cool things. One of those things was to go to this “club” across the courtyard from Billy Bob’s Texas called The Door. It was where all the high school bands were going to hit it rich. It helped that the years 2004-2007 were all about the high school band angst sound.

So this night I go to The Door with my friend, Emily, to see some other friend’s band. While Emily and I are waiting outside for them to go on, she runs off because she sees her friend. That friend was David. I wish I could remember what I said that night, because he some how thought I was funny and charming. I do know at one point he picked up my purse to hand it to me and couldn’t believe how heavy it was. He didn’t know I was carrying a Harry Potter book. When he found out, he asked why I had it at a concert. I said some cute thing about reading if I was bored and beating the hell out of an attacker if needed. It was lame. We exchanged numbers and were together forever.

JK. He had a girlfriend.

But we stayed really good friends, and fed our music addiction. We would take turns finding music. It would actually be a text message about me needing to listen to Mumford and Sons almost 5 years later that reconnect us.

I am saying this because he and I just spent the last two hours listening to the music we grew together to, and I made a kickin’ playlist for you guys.

I also want to thank every one who stopped by for the BlogHop this week. You are incredibly loved and thanked πŸ™‚



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