Potato Person

I feel like I have been gone FOREVER.

I got back from my trip on June 29th, and then I became a potato person. I spend most of my days sitting on the couch wasting time between naps. I have gotten minimal quilting done. I managed to get dinner on the table most nights. OMG I wish I had pictures of my dinner fail from last night. All I can say is, “Guys never freeze zucchini”. Instead of cooking crispy zucchini you are going to end up with a mushy substance no one wants to put in their mouth no matter how well you season it.

I got motivated enough to go up to school yesterday and work in my classroom. Only I got there to find they haven’t given me access to the school yet, and when I went to swipe my badge it was a giant “WHOMP WHOMP”.

David keeps asking me when I am going to start working again. Seeing anyone sitting around for longer than a day makes him uneasy. If he ran the zoo everyone would work all the time. I don’t even answer the question anymore.

Speaking of David, our two year anniversary is on Sunday. We are pretty low key, so he bought new slacks; I bought a new dress, and we are going to dinner on Saturday. We don’t go out on Sundays because that would cut into our sitting around time.

I think I have officially run out of things I want to watch on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. I just find myself watching Trailer Park Boys over and over and over again. What are you guys watching these days?

What are you guys doing these days?


4 thoughts on “Potato Person

  1. Shelley Folkerts says:

    My kids loved Trailer Park Boys. I got pulled in too. Lol My son can quote Bubbles’ rant about feeding all his kittens. It is hilarious. We don’t have Netflix, but will by end of summer. The cable company took off a couple of our fave channels and new seasons on Netflix. We have been watching Wayward Pines on Fox. It is really out there. Hubby read the book and says it is even more crazy and freaky than the TV show.


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