Summer Goals

It rained for like a bajillion days here in Texas.

I thought I was NEVER going to see the sun again. I also might have gotten a little dramatic in the end. But for reference here are some pictures from the news:

The Trinity River in 2014


The Trinity River On Thursday


It flooded a little around where I live, and by flooded I mean the manmade pond next my apartment overflowed. We had to find a new running path. It was rough, man.

I finally finished packing my room, and my lovely assistant agreed to help me move. Did I also mention I get to keep my said lovely assistant because she is moving schools with me? Well I do.

Did I also mention there are exactly 3 hours left in this school year? Oh yeah! Summer is knocking at my door. I know I am going to spend a considerable amount of time up at work either putting my room together or going to trainings, but I am going to have a lot of time to myself. Since David works through the summer, I spend a lot of time by myself. So this summer, I put together a list of goals for my summer:

1. Nap at least every day.

2. Finish Geometric Ripples.


3. Finally decide how Geometric Ripples will be quilted. I like to hand quilt, but this 105” by105” monster may just kill me. I could do it on my machine, but my mouth is pretty small. I have also thought about taking a long arm class at my LQS, and then renting a long arm and quilting it. THEN I thought about taking the easy route and sending it to a Long Armer to quilt, but I don’t know if I want to burden anyone with this. I feel like I got myself into it. I should get myself out. I hope you all don’t think I hate this quilt. I actually really love it, but as with most things you love, you find yourself disliking it occasionally. What do you think I should do?

4. Start making anything and everything from this book:


5. Finish quilting Sunset Sampler. You won’t believe what I did today. I took the Sunset Sampler to work with me today, and when I got home tonight I realized I left it in my classroom. Whomp Whomp.

6. Follow along with the Quilt Design a Day Facebook page, and actually design more. I have done the past three days, and I can already see the improvements in my designs. I haven’t shared any yet. Mostly because… well I don’t want to. Yet.

7. Write posts on this blog at least 3 times a week.

8. Finally figure out how to make a Lone Star quilt with out wanting to throw my sewing machine through a window. This may need to be an end of the summer project.

What are your goals this summer?


8 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. Crafty Ashley B says:

    Great goals for the summer! My year goal is to finish up three twin quilts by Christmas. So far I’ve pulled the fabric. That’s all; no pattern and no cutting yet. 😦
    *Found via 2015 New Quilt Bloggers Hop*


  2. Kim S. says:

    Loving the goals! They seem ambitious. . . well, except the napping one. . . but maybe, since you’ve set the goal of EVERY day. . . So far I have no goals for summer except to get to it. Here in the northeast it’s still chilly and school has three more weeks. Good thing we have lots of quilts to keep us warm 😉


    • hashtagabbyking says:

      Everyday might be a little ambitious. I think these goals will only be manageable if I make a schedule and stick to it. I am sorry it is still chilly up there. We are getting pretty hot down here, so luckily we won’t really need quilts for a while 🙂


  3. Denise Finucane says:

    Good luck with your summer goals! Have you considered joining any of the finish alongs? There’s the A Lovely Year of Finishes (ALYOF) hosted by Shanna (A Fiber of all Sorts) and Melissa (Sew Bittersweet Designs) where you make a monthly goal post, then report at month’s end. There’s also a quarterly finish hosted by Adrienne of On the Windy Side where you make a list and try to complete something on it! I find that by doing the monthly goal I’m more likely to stay focused on that project…and there are lots of great sponsors with amazing prizes…not that we’re in it for the goods 🙂


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