End of the Year Thankfullness

I have been AWOL lately.


Mostly because state testing took over my life for the past two months. Thankfully it is over now.

There are only about 12 days left in this school year, and I am going into next year with both excitement and nervousness. You see, I am going to a new job next year. I was asked to help start the new Autism unit in our district. When I say new, I mean new. Like new school, new classroom, new curriculum, new students, new EVERYTHING.

All of this thinking has made my head pretty fuzzy, and there have been plenty of nights where I have had to ask my husband to not talk to me because my brain can’t make my mouth form words anymore.

To clear my head, I decided I would start saying what is just on my mind at the time to the person I was talking to, because when you have so many thoughts going on, sometimes out is better than in.

To my surprise, most of the words pouring out of my mouth were thank you’s.

I was thanking people for sharing candy, sharing thoughts, being a friend, supporting me. Whatever came to mind I thanked them for it, and it made my head a lot less fuzzy.

I wanted to share some of my most recent “thank you’s”

My awesome dad. He is just as, if not more, creative as I am. He doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Even when I send him pictures of things I find on Pinterest, and a week later he has them made. Like this:


I am thankful Sunset is finally on my hoop


I am thankful for my able hands. These things are great.


Finally, I am thankful for my husband. A few weeks ago I was cleaning up my desktop and found a random picture of Richard Nixon saved, and only he knows why it was there and why it is so funny. So to end this post here is a picture of Richard Nixon. I hope it makes you laugh as much as it make me. But it won’t…images


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